Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monochrome: 37

Kieran stood in his apartment door, holding a cardboard box of his personal belongings. Finn stood behind him with another box.

“It hasn’t been that long, and I wasn’t very far, but it still feels weird to come back,” Kieran said. “Also, it’s really cold in here.”

“Yeah, you can just feel the cold air pouring out the door.”

“Will have to get the heat back on, soon…” Kieran said, walking into the apartment. He set his cardboard box on the floor, beside the counter. Finn followed him.

“So, why are you coming back already? You haven’t been paid yet, right?” Finn asked, putting his box on top of the counter.

“I’m not completely out of money,” Kieran said. “I just couldn’t afford to keep paying my rent. But now that I have a job, it’s fine.”

“Ah… it is good to have some money for emergencies.”

“Yeah,” Kieran said. He sat on one of the stools and grabbed at the box that Finn set on the counter, sliding it towards him. He pried open the flaps, and took a few objects out, setting them on the counter.

“Want me to help?” Finn asked.

“Sure, there’s not a whole lot though.”

“Still is faster when there’s someone helping you,” Finn said, picking up a box of cereal from the cardboard box. They put away Kieran’s few groceries.

“I should really go buy some food after I’m done putting this stuff away. All I have that I can eat is… cereal or crackers. And chocolate milk powder. Well, not that I haven’t eaten nothing but cereal and crackers before…” Kieran said.

“Yeah, that’s a good plan. Want help with that?” Finn asked.

“What? I can go grocery shopping by myself.”

“Look at that, you’re all grown up.”

“Shut it.”

“Haha! Come on, let me help you.”

“You need something better to do with your time.”

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