Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monochrome: 5

“There’s the sofa,” Finn said, “you can sleep there.”

“Yeah, we’ve met,” Kieran remarked. He threw his backpack onto the sofa.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice you had a bag,” Finn said.

“Yeah, good thing, anyways.”

“Why, what’s in there?”

“Nothing much, just a sketchbook, really.”

“You‘re an artist?” Finn asked. Kieran was heading toward the sofa, and sat down.

“Yeah, why else would I be in the apartment with a studio?”

“The space?” Finn responded. Kieran was going through his bag.

“I’m gonna make some food,” Finn told him, “do you want some?”

“What is it?”

“Pasta, I think.”


Finn headed out to the kitchen as Kieran withdrew his sketchbook. Finn pried open the cabinets, retrieving a pot and a box of pasta. He set the pasta down, filling the pot with water. He turned the stove on, sliding the pot on top of the burner.

As the water slowly heated, he returned to the cabinets, pulling out containers as he looked for the sauce. He set the glass jar down, and put the rest away. Next came the saucepan, which he sat down on the countertop. He poured the sauce in, and set it on another burner on low. Out of things to do as the water boiled, he checked on Kieran. Kieran was sat on the sofa, sketchbook on his legs, drawing.

“Are you doing anything next week?” Finn asked.



“Oh, no, I don’t really… believe in that, anyways.”

“Still, it’s nice to have something to do.”

“I guess,” Kieran responded, continuing to draw. Finn went to the kitchen to check on the water (even though he knew it wasn’t ready yet), and sat down at the dining room table to wait.

“I’m having some friends over. My parents are away, so we’re going to do something when they’re back,” Finn said, a little louder so Kieran could hear him.

“You could come over, too, if you want,” Finn added.

“I don’t think that would work out so well.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t think I’m the sort of person you usually hang out with. And, let’s face it, I’m not exactly an agreeable person. I will probably just ruin it, really,” Kieran said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well, then, don’t be an asshole,” Finn stated simply.

“Hah, can’t argue that,” Kieran responded.

“So, will you do it?” Finn asked again.


Finn could tell he wasn’t going to get a ‘yes’ out of Kieran. He returned to the stove and continued watching it. It reached boiling, and he dropped in the pasta, stirring the sauce. It was done, soon.

“Food’s ready,” Finn called.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monochrome: 4

The next few days went by quietly. Finn went to work and came home, all without comment from Kieran. During the first two days, Finn was relieved. However, as the week continued into its end, he noticed he wasn’t seeing Kieran at all. He started to wonder if he was too harsh.

The next day came, and Kieran was sitting in front of his door in the hall. He had his face down in his hands. Finn approached him slowly.

“Hey,” he said.

“…hey,” Kieran responded, removing one of his hands from his face.

“You’re locked out?”

“Yep. Keys are in the door, still.”

“Where’s Grey?”

“She’s visiting her parents. She’s going to mail me a key,” Kieran said, putting down his other hand and sighing.


“Yeah,” Kieran said with a laugh, staring at the floor. Finn walked over and sat next to him.

“I’m sorry about last week,” Finn said. “I… shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s fine. You were right,” Kieran answered.

They were both quiet for a moment, as Finn tried to find the right words to say.

But, Kieran got to it first: “Why did you bring me to your apartment, anyways?”

“I guess… it’s because it didn’t seem right to leave you there.”

“I’ve probably spent a few nights on the floor.”

“It didn’t feel secure anymore,” Finn explained. There was another, momentary lull in the conversation. Finn picked it back up.

“Are you… okay?” he asked awkwardly.

“Oh, I’m fine, just locked out of my home,” Kieran responded. He sighed at his own sarcasm and answered more properly, “I don’t know, what do you mean?”

“Well, what happened last week?” Finn specified.

“I… lost my job. Got pissed, went drinking. Then I got mugged on the way back home. It’s like, nope, the job wasn’t enough. Had to get mugged, too. Whatever, I didn’t have much in my wallet, anyways,” Kieran complained, very noticeably aggravated.

“You lost your job?”

“Yeah, I think I said that.”

“No, I mean, what about your apartment?”

“I think I have enough in the bank to pay off this month, then I can’t really push it much further.”

“What about a new job?”

“Gotta find someplace that’s hiring that’ll take me. So far, no luck.”

“Do you have somewhere else to stay?”

“Not… really,” Kieran said, reluctantly.

“Your parents…?” Finn asked.

“…no,” Kieran said, after a pause. Finn decided not to ask about it.

“So, you don’t have anywhere to go tonight then?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’ll… figure something out,” Kieran answered.

“Well,” Finn started, “You could stay at my place until you get the key.”

“Eh… you don’t want me around.”

“I could put up with it for a couple days,” Finn assured him, laughing. He stood up.

“Come on.”

“…alright,” Kieran said.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monochrome: 3

Kieran awoke to an unfamiliar room. He was lying on a soft couch, staring at a TV. The room was quite clean and tidy, and he could hear someone in the other room. He began to get up to investigate, and his head surged in pain. He winced and grabbed his head.

“Ugh…” he groaned. Fucking hangovers.

After a moment of waiting for his head to calm down, he rounded the corner into the other room. Finn stood in his kitchen, making toast.

“So, uhhh, how did I get here…?” Kieran asked.

“You were passed out in your apartment, last night. The place was wrecked and your door was wide open,” Finn told him without looking up from the counter.

“Oh,” Kieran said, not entirely phased. He stared at the dining table in front of him. Just as neat as the living room. There was a bowl of fruit in the center of the table.

“Care to explain?” Finn asked, sounding somewhat agitated.

“Nope,” Kieran responded, picking up an apple from the bowl.

Finn put down his knife and looked up, clearly annoyed.

“You’re really not going to explain any of that.”


“Are you serious?”

“Why the fuck do you care? It’s none of your goddamn business.”

Finn was angry.

“None of my business? Screw you! I thought you got robbed or attacked or something! But, nope! You’re just an asshole who gets drunk and trashes his apartment!” Finn shouted.

For a moment, neither of them responded.

“Thanks for the apple,” Kieran said, taking a bite and heading out the door.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Music Meme



The Disaster March

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monochrome: 2

Finn came home in a taxi cab. It wasn’t long past ten at night, and he had gone out with some friends after work. The moon hung still in the sky, half full and glowing on the clouds. It was cold. Finn stuffed his hands in his pocket and headed for the door. The ‘lobby’ (it was really just two sets of doors and stairs) was small, but much warmer than outside.

Finn slowly made his way up the stairs to the third floor, a bit worn out from work. It felt like he was the only one home. He could do with a little peace and quiet.

When he reached the top of the stairs on the third floor, he stopped. Sullivan's apartment door was wide open, and the lights were turned off.

What the hell...?

Finn approached the doorway cautiously and looked inside. He couldn't see much. He felt for the lightswitch on the wall, turning it on.

The apartment was a mess. Chairs toppled, the couch on its side, the rug askew. Sullivan himself was out on the floor, face down. Finn panicked, and ran to check on him. Sullivan reeked of alcohol, but was otherwise fine.

"Did he do this...?" Finn asked himself.

"What the fuck are you doing here..." Sullivan mumbled as he started to wake.

"Your door was open and the lights were out," Finn said. Sullivan seemed to be out again.

Shit. What do I do? This place is a goddamn mess.

Finn stood up and looked around. He seriously wrecked this place.

As much as I hate to say it, it would probably be easier if I just brought him over to my place...

Finn checked Sullivan's pockets to see if he had his keys on him. Good, I don't have to find those. He grabbed Sullivan's arm and picked him up, locking and shutting the door behind him.

I'm gonna hate dealing with this, tomorrow.

Hey look, stuff

Monochrome: 1

Finn awoke to the quiet twittering of his cell phone on the nightstand. As his dreams drifted away, he lazily groped for his phone, silencing its ringing. He brought the phone to his face, examining the screen.


He heaved his body up from the mattress as he squinted his eyes in the light. Breathing in yawns, his feet moved him towards the kitchen. Skillet. Margarine. Eggs. Cheddar. As he ate breakfast, he started to feel more awake. He moved on to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and showering.

Finn pulled on his work clothes, keeping mind of the time during his whole morning routine. He was heading into work earlier than usual today, preparing for a hectic new book release. It was going to be a long day.

He took his wallet and his keys, and grabbed his coat. He locked the door, then headed down the stairs.

Looks like I'm lucky today... I haven't seen Sullivan, Finn thought.

As Finn approached the doorway, his mood immediately sank. Kieran Sullivan stood in front of the door, carrying his groceries and looking for his keys. He hadn't seen him yet. Finn wondered if he could get past him unnoticed, but quickly realized there was no way. He made his way to the door as Sullivan pushed it open. They walked past each other, and Finn sighed in relief.

"Heya, pussy," Sullivan remarked.

Goddamn it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Couple Meme

First, pick a few of your couples. No more than five and no less than two (you can do more or less if you really want to but it might be really long or really short…).

Kieran and Finn

Answer the following questions from the guy’s perspective (or, in the case of same sex couples, the one who wears the pants in the relationship or whoever you want to go first…)

1. What exactly was it about this partner that he was attracted to?
Kieran: What the fuck is this shi--
Me: -shoves Kieran out of the way- AHEM. Kieran just sort of liked Finn in general when he first met him. Took a little while for it to settle in his head and for him to realize.

2. So, here’s a scenario for you: some guy is hitting relentlessly on your significant other? What do you do?
Kieran: Are you seriously doing this right now?
Me: Yes.
Kieran: This is fucking stupid
Me: ANYWAYS he'd tell whoever it was to fuck off, probably.

3. Where did they take their significant other to on their first date? Details plz!
Kieran: Who the fuck cares?
Me: Stop being a difficult bastard.
Kieran: No.
Me: I'd force you to stop, but it's out of character.
Kieran: Yeah, fuck you.
Me: Why am I typing out an argument between myself and my fictional character what the fuck ANYWAYS BACK TO THE QUESTION: they probably just wandered around in the city or something.

4. So, do you think of yourself as possessive?
Kieran: This is seriously the most embarassing shit you've ever pulled.
Me: Why am I typing thisssssss... anyways. He is, to some extent. Though is probably a bit afraid to show it.

5. Do you regret taking in your significant other?
Kieran: what
Me: I don't really get this question, and I assume it is non-applicable. MOVING ON.

6. Any angry Ex’s we need to be aware of?
Kieran: Yeah, oh boy, let's be Scott Pilgrim
Me: You don't even know what Scott Pilgrim is.
Kieran: You do.
Me: True. ANSWER- not for Kieran. Finn, probably not.

7. What physical traits do you find most attractive about your significant other?
Kieran: No no no no no no no
Me: So difficult. Anyways, if we were to go to the gayest recesses of Kieran's head
Kieran: Gonna kill you
Me: He probably thinks Finn is cute.

8. Are they hot?
Kieran: I take a vow of silence.
Kieran: SHUT UP
Me: Bro, I have no idea. Sure, Finn's probably considered 'hot'. He did get a lot of laydeez.
Kieran: ughhhhhhh

9. Do you think YOU’RE hot?
Kieran: Yeah, man, starving artists are all the rage.
Me: You're so hilarious when you're self-hating.

10. Have you met your significant other’s family? What was the outcome of that meeting if you have?
Kieran: 'Significant other' sounds so PC.
Me: No, they haven't met.

Alright, now we’re going to let the women answer some questions! (Or the one who’s not um…wearing the pants in the relationship…)

11. So, having read the above questions, what do you think about the way you’re significant other answered them?
Finn: Kieran's an ass as usual. Also, am I seriously the 'woman'?
Me: Yes.
Finn: I can see why Kieran hates you.

12. Okay, so some young, supple woman is hitting on your man. What do you do?
Finn: I think I would laugh.
Me: It's probably Nyx.

13. Where do you like your significant other to take you on dates?
Finn: Uhhh

14. What is one thing you wish you could change about your significant other?
Finn: Err, well, I wish he'd cheer up, stop drinking and stuff.
Finn: :|

15. Disregarding the laws of physics, nature, and gravity… what would the children of you and your significant other be like?
Finn: What is this I don't even
Me: No

16. As a follow up to the above question, do you want kids?
Finn: Uh, maybe, I don't really know.

17. So…. Who is really in charge of the two of you ^_~
Finn: In charge?
Me: I will disregard the meme's intentions and simply say that Kieran acts like some big asshole jerk, so it'd seem like he's like... the decision-maker, but Finn tends to have to direct him.

18. So, have you or are you living together? If not, would you want to? If you are, are you happy?
Finn: We have, before. Kieran lost his apartment and I let him stay with me until he got a new job. We were just friends then.
Finn: You are so creepy.

19. So, what do you like most about your significant other?
Finn: He's a lot nicer than he seems.

20. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Finn: Whoah, what? That's a bit different. Vanilla, I guess.

Alright, so now you get to answer some questions together! =) This should be fun…

21. Alright… what movies do you enjoy watching together and why?
Kieran: Why do people obsess about watching movies as a couple? It's not like your relationship has been improved by watching a damn movie.
Finn: Kieran cried during Finding Nemo.
Kieran: That's bull.

22. So…what would be your nightmare date? ^^
Kieran: It's all a nightmare.
Finn: Shut up.

23. Okay, as a follow up to the question above, what would be your dream date?
Kieran: Ughhhhh
Finn: Could you sound any more like you don't want to be here?

24. AWKWARD QUESTION TIME~! <3 How is your love life? (No graphic details plz…)
Kieran: PASS
Finn: Uhhhhh next question

25. So, what are your plans for the future?
Kieran: Well, I'm gonna get some pizza later.
Finn: Insightful.

26. MOAR AWKWARD QUESTIONS~! <3 What lies have you told your significant other?
Finn: This jerk can't lie for shit.
Kieran: Fuck you.

27. Do y’all go on group dates?
Finn:, we don't.

28. So, dates aside, what is your favorite thing to do together?
Kieran: Duel over a vat of acid.
Finn: I think that's a good metaphor for talking to you ever.

29. Okay, second to last question. You’re almost done!!!! =) Are you and your significant other polar opposites, or do you ‘click’?
Kieran: My fist clicks with his face. I guess, I don't know. I'm getting kinda lazy.
Finn: Pretty different, I think.

30. DANANANAAAAAA~! © Nintendo The last question! Alright, we’re wrapping things up! AND THE FINAL QUESTION IS: Who are you tagging to do this quiz? (…we totally did not run out of ideas or anything like that…)
Fart fart poop fart