Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pages 8-10 of SG Death Round 3


Comedic chase scene.
Three entryways are visible.
The trio run through one set.

Trio run through another set, now dressed like Scooby Doo characters.

Trio run through another set, back to normal with a bear (?) chasing everyone.
Magika: "What the hell?! A bear?"

Bear vanishes from scene due to me being a lazy jerk and no longer having any damn use for it.
Magika: "Alright, that's it."
Magika is being flamboyant with his glove.

Tina gets shot with wind and crashes into the wall.

Cake hits Celes in the face.
Celes: "...the cake..."

Celes: "IS A LIE."


Celes: "Hey look! Emo kid!"
Blizz: "!"

Blizz: "I'm... I'm not..."
His eyes are watering

Blizz: "I'M NOT EMO"
-runs off crying-

Minty: " know what, I'm going to count that as a loss for Blizz."
Celes: "Sweet."

Magika: "Now all that's left is..."

[omg dramatic shot of Dakki in front of everyone with ridiculous backlighting hoooly shiiiit]


Celes: "I should warn you..."

Celes: "The technique I'm about to use is very powerful...!"

Magika, quietly: "where did her sword come from?"

Dakki looks determined.

Dakki falls over.

Celes: "WHAT THE HELL?!"
[It seems Dakki was exhausted from trying to find everyone.]

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Character Profiles

Nickname: Azazel
Name: Roark Dawson
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: July 14 (Cancer)
Ability: Becomes physically superhuman for some time
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 109 lbs
Hair color: Dark red
Eye color: Fiery red
Clothing preferences: Something loose and comfortable, whatever's cheap as long as he doesn't look silly
Other details: Wears dog tags, has tanned skin
Personality: Loud and annoying. Tends to hide what he really thinks and takes on a confrontational attitude. Reckless. Worries a lot. Doesn't feel confident in himself.
History: Lived with adoptive parents. Father was abusive. Left in an explosive fit of rage and suppressed the memories.
Favorite color: Red, black
Favorite food: Chili peppers, garlic, lemonade
Least favorite food: Anything bland or bitter, though he just eats whatever they have, since they can't get much.
Likes: Lilith, music, fighting, games
Dislikes: People, money, losing
Talent: Speed
Weakness: Emotions

Nickname: Cain
Name: Jacob Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: August 25 (Virgo)
Ability: Shadow manipulation
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair color: Light blonde
Eye color: Dark brown
Clothing preferences: Whatever's comfortable
Other details: Has markings on his arms, which he covers up with bandages. (this detail may eventually change) Always looks tired.
Personality: Distanced, but warm. Friendly and easy to communicate with. Often absorbed in thought. Cautious. Gives off a very serious atmosphere. Trusting and loyal.
History: Born from a single mother. Was left alone when she committed suicide, and later befriended Erebos.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Tuna, other fish, tea
Least favorite food: Leaf vegetables (such as lettuce)
Likes: Lilith, academics, literature, the sky
Dislikes: His living environment, himself (persistent guilt)
Talent: Wit
Weakness: Plummer's Disease, less physically capable

Nickname: Lilith
Name: Lynn Elliot
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: April 25 (Taurus)
Ability: Force field
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Amber
Clothing preferences: Something that's comfortable, tries to coordinate
Other details: Always looks bored, wears a key on a necklace
Personality: Closed off from the world. Doesn't trust many, and opens up to even less. When she does accept someone, she has great loyalty to them. Hates feeling shut off, but does it to protect herself. Wishes she could be normal.
History: Thrown out of her home. Was attacked soon after. Eventually befriended Adam.
Favorite color: White
Favorite food: Pastas, breads, coffee
Least favorite food: Spicy foods
Likes: Adam, writing, drawing
Dislikes: Fighting, people
Talent: Protection
Weakness: Fear

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another survey

1. What is your character's name?
Azazel/Roark Dawson

2. What is your character's name in another language?
-can't answer-

3. How old is he/she?

4. What is your character's race/species?

5. Do they have a crush?
Yes, Lilith

6. Do they have many friends?
Some: Cain, Lilith, Veles, Volos, Erebos, Devlin

7. What planet is your character from?

8. Does your character like to eat?

9. What's his/her favorite food?
Whole habaneros.

10. What's his/her favorite drink?

11. Is your character annoying?

13. Is your character loved?
Kinda. Not romantically.

14. Is your character hated?

15. Is he/she emo/goth?
Hell no.

16. Is he/she straight, bisexual, or gay?

17. Is he/she a virgin?

18. Name 3 hobbies
Bitching, physical training, music

19. Is your character normal?
Yes and no. Mentally, fairly normal. Experiences are abnormal.

20. Is your character attractive?
I dunno. He's a stupid little jerk.

21. How does your character handle emotions?
With extremity.

22. Does your character have other forms?

23. Does your character overreact?
Yes and no.

24. Is your character a criminal?

25. Does your character go to school?
Not anymore.

26. What's his/her IQ?
-can't answer-

27. Does your character have a disease/curse?

28. Is your character dead?

29. Does your character have a family?
Yes. First, his birth family (unimportant). Then his adoptive parents (unpleasant). Then the main cast.

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in life?
Oh hell yeah.

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
I dunno.

32. If you could name 1 friend, which would you relate to your character?
Uhm... I don't think I know anyone like him.

33. Is your character single?

34. Has he/she developed any relationships?

35. Does he/she have an element?

36. Do you role-play your character?
Not really

37. Do you write about your character?
Not really

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?

39. Does your character get depressed?
More anger than sorrow

40. What's your characters favorite animal?

41. Does your character have any fears?

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
He sucks at fighting

43. Does your character look up to anyone?

44. Does your character like music?

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
Ska, punk

46. Is he/she impatient?
A bit

47. What's something funny about your character?
He's a stupid angsty brat. Emphasis on the stupid. Plus his hair is everywhere.

48. Nicknames?

49. Does your character curse?

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
"This shit is lame."

Vulcan Zero

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Get ready for a lot of images.

First, we have a redraw of an old Tegaki sketch I lost a while back. This is Jet Bailey; he is pretty underdeveloped. Basically, he's a rollerblader.

Now, we have Roark, AKA Human Azazel. I was planning on drawing the whole cast with their natural hair colors walking down the street. However, my plan was never successful.

Here, I tried drawing Syaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa. I've never managed to pull it off, but this time I did.

Here, I took a shot at drawing Wolverine. I'm not terribly good at drawing him, but I made some progress. The man's too beastly for me to be very good at drawing him.

Next is Damen. He's Kooriki's character. I wanted to draw him for her, so, this was a practice sketch. It's not the best, but, it's alright.

Off to the right is a draft of the first page of a battle comic. I've competed in two rounds so far, and this is the third, final round; a free-for-all. These are the character designs: Celes, Magika, Kooriki, Blizz, Dakki, Tina. Now... I'll post my first two submissions.

Round 1: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Round 2: [1] [2] [3]