Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramble ramble

Random [possibly] unassociated plot/character details and plannings.

Dreadlocks girl:
-May be named "Raza Kir Azabi"
-May be a friend/partner/associate of lucky-guy.
-Eye mark is not a scar

Lucky guy:
-May resemble these stupid avatars that I have made of him.
-I am apparently utterly incapable of actually drawing him.
-Still can't name him.
-Basic idea for outfit design: Dresses eccentrically in black and white. Black kimono top, white vest, long black shorts, black boots, black gloves. Will wear a stupid amount of charms hopefully.

-Looks like that stupid food guy.
-May be Gothic Dan's father.
-If not, may be a friend of lucky guy.
-I give people crappy nicknames.

-Perhaps switches schools often?

Street Devil: Human
-Still needs a proper title.
-Azazel starts a skate club which most of the main cast joins. ("The Street Devils")
-Skate club may be riddled with cameos.

-Hamlet parody. Need to do this eventually. Hamlet is just too emo not to.

Anime Boston:
-I need to sell things.
-Headbands? (I can make them)
-Pins? (but how would I get them?)
-Something else?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Various Retarded Pictures

Soul Calibur Fighters


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decent Street Devil Summary

Format: Comic
Style: Shonen
Genre: Drama, bildungsroman, action
Rating: PG-13 to R (language, violence)
About: Azazel is a young boy who has been given little in life and had much taken away. As a "parahuman", usually referred to as demons, he receives little respect from humanity. All he has is an alley and his small group of friends. The oldest of the group, Adam, decides to set out in search of equality. Things change, and soon Adam seems to be heading down a bloodstained path. As the only possible connection to Adam, the DPA (Department of Parahuman Affairs) turn to Azazel and his friends for assistance. While Azazel wants to help his former friend realize his error, Adam wants only change, no matter the cost. Azazel must face the harsh truths around him and find a way to set things straight.

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