Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramble ramble

Random [possibly] unassociated plot/character details and plannings.

Dreadlocks girl:
-May be named "Raza Kir Azabi"
-May be a friend/partner/associate of lucky-guy.
-Eye mark is not a scar

Lucky guy:
-May resemble these stupid avatars that I have made of him.
-I am apparently utterly incapable of actually drawing him.
-Still can't name him.
-Basic idea for outfit design: Dresses eccentrically in black and white. Black kimono top, white vest, long black shorts, black boots, black gloves. Will wear a stupid amount of charms hopefully.

-Looks like that stupid food guy.
-May be Gothic Dan's father.
-If not, may be a friend of lucky guy.
-I give people crappy nicknames.

-Perhaps switches schools often?

Street Devil: Human
-Still needs a proper title.
-Azazel starts a skate club which most of the main cast joins. ("The Street Devils")
-Skate club may be riddled with cameos.

-Hamlet parody. Need to do this eventually. Hamlet is just too emo not to.

Anime Boston:
-I need to sell things.
-Headbands? (I can make them)
-Pins? (but how would I get them?)
-Something else?

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Kooriki said...

There's always the name "Felix"

steal pins from indie kids. they don't have muscles to fight back.