Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monochrome: 3

Kieran awoke to an unfamiliar room. He was lying on a soft couch, staring at a TV. The room was quite clean and tidy, and he could hear someone in the other room. He began to get up to investigate, and his head surged in pain. He winced and grabbed his head.

“Ugh…” he groaned. Fucking hangovers.

After a moment of waiting for his head to calm down, he rounded the corner into the other room. Finn stood in his kitchen, making toast.

“So, uhhh, how did I get here…?” Kieran asked.

“You were passed out in your apartment, last night. The place was wrecked and your door was wide open,” Finn told him without looking up from the counter.

“Oh,” Kieran said, not entirely phased. He stared at the dining table in front of him. Just as neat as the living room. There was a bowl of fruit in the center of the table.

“Care to explain?” Finn asked, sounding somewhat agitated.

“Nope,” Kieran responded, picking up an apple from the bowl.

Finn put down his knife and looked up, clearly annoyed.

“You’re really not going to explain any of that.”


“Are you serious?”

“Why the fuck do you care? It’s none of your goddamn business.”

Finn was angry.

“None of my business? Screw you! I thought you got robbed or attacked or something! But, nope! You’re just an asshole who gets drunk and trashes his apartment!” Finn shouted.

For a moment, neither of them responded.

“Thanks for the apple,” Kieran said, taking a bite and heading out the door.

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