Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monochrome: 27

Liadan walked towards the glass double doors of the Grisaille Apartments, thinking about the hockey game she just missed the first thirty minutes of. She pushed open the door and noticed a figure sitting against the wall in the dark lobby. She took a moment to let her eyes adjust.

“Kieran?” Liadan asked, letting go of the glass door. “What’re you doing there?”

“Sitting,” he answered, not looking up.

“No, I mean, why here?” she asked, walking towards him.

“Don’t know.”

“Are you okay?”

“Not about to kill myself, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he said, staring forward. She wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Sorry, being an asshole. I should stop that,” Kieran said, sighing. “I’m just agitated.”

“It’s fine. Do you want to talk?”

“No, not really. Sorry.”

“Alright,” Liadan said. She walked to her apartment door and took her keys out of her pocket.



“…would you go out with me?”

“Huh?” she said. They were both quiet.

“…are you sure?” she asked. He didn’t respond.


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