Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monochrome: 34

Kieran stood in the lobby of the hospital, his phone at his ear. He stared out the window at the hospital parking lot. His phone hummed patiently as he placed a hand against the glass.

“Hey, Kieran!”


“Were you released from the hospital?”

“Yeah. I need a ride. Do you know someone with a car?”

“Liadan, she’s busy though. And Gavin.”

“Alright, I’ll call him.”

“Oh, you have his number?”

“Yeah, I got it around a week ago.”

“Ahh, that’s great! I’ll start getting ready.”

“Alright. Thanks, again.”

“Yeah! Seeya!”

Kieran looked through his phone and called Gavin. He traced his finger on the foggy glass, drawing a bird.

“Yo! K-dog.”

“…what? K-dog?”

“I should really stop trying to give people nicknames.”

“Yeah. Hi.”


“I need a ride from the hospital, and Finn says you have a car.”

“Yep. It’s not free, though.”


“It’ll cost you… YOUR SOUL.”

Kieran paused, groaning in annoyance.

“…I’m really starting to wonder what happened to your serious side.”

“What, you didn’t think that was funny?”


“Alright, alright. I’ll be up there in a bit.”


“Learn to appreciate my comedy while you’re waiting.”

“You would need to be funny, first.”

“Hey, th--”

Kieran shut his phone, ignoring Gavin’s protests. He found his way to the lobby seats, dropping himself into a chair. He stared out the glass doors again, then picked up his sketchbook. He opened the cover, where Finn’s note was still stuck (which made him smile), and slowly went through the pages. Messy pencil sketches covered the first five pages.

He took out his pencil and began to draw. Ten minutes later, the page was covered in a light sketch. His phone buzzed in his pocket.

“hey jerkass i’m here”

Kieran put away his sketchbook and stood up, walking towards the door. He walked outside and looked around, heading towards the patient pick-up area. A car horn suddenly honked loudly beside him, surprising him. He noticed Gavin in the car, laughing.

“Hilarious,” Kieran said, setting down his bag. He approached a bush nearby, scooped snow off of the top of it, and started to wad it in a ball. He threw it at Gavin’s windshield. Gavin rolled down his window.

“Hey, come on.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

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