Monday, June 30, 2008

I Feel Fine

This is Jack Dawson. He is a member of the Department of Parahuman Affairs (DPA) in Street Devil. I just started working on his design and this is what I have so far.

He's supposed to look fairly older. I want him to look like he's in his 30's. Currently, it's not quite the case... but I'm working on it.

He is Azazel's adoptive father. In this trial of his design, the scar on his face was caused by Azazel. Azazel triggered his abilities and attacked Jack before fleeing from his former home. From this point onward, Azazel could not remember anything about his family. Jack has shown great remorse over the incident, though Azazel refuses to forgive him.

This was supposed to be a sketch of Nyx, initially. I was trying to draw her so that I could figure out how to dress her, since her design is a little hard to work with her personality. All of my previous attempts to refine her style of dress have gone rather poorly.

Ironically, I never dressed this figure.

Nor did I even give her hands and feet.

And here's an Adam and Sei sketch. I'll need to be getting this done pretty soon.

I think the comic speaks for itself.

Making up their trainer outfits was kind of amusing. I guess the other person Sei is talking to would be me? I dunno. I just kinda sketched it like that but didn't really care.

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