Saturday, June 7, 2008


Sometimes I get these tiny bursts of inspiration and new ideas will flow to me.

I'll list a bunch of ideas I have had lately. They will not necessarily be used; they are just ideas.

-Lilith forgets how to use her powers (shielding).
-Nyx is a victim of rape.
-Azazel is conscious during the end of the final battle. (To those who know of this 'final battle', you will know what I am talking about. I hope.)
-Erebos is half-demon.
-Six is no longer a character.
-Hellbound has been abandoned. All vital information shall be at the end of Street Devil.
-Oneshot spin-off of the cast in a normal life; meaning, they are not demons, and they go to school.
-Erebos wears glasses.
-Cain is an artist.
-Azazel and Lilith begin to develop a sort of strange, quiet relationship.
-Adam has black hair.
-Eve and Vidar are attracted to each other.
-Erebos attended school a bit longer than the others. He is more literate and educated the others. Cain and Veles are the second most literate.

I need more ideas.

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