Monday, June 30, 2008

Something's Going On

Frequently, I talk to Dodger about my story ideas.

So, today I talked about a lot of Street Devil ideas.

Here they are, copied from conversation. Please ignore my tendency to ramble:

I was thinking over the scene with Devlin getting attacked... I haven't made much change to it yet, but, I thought of some stuff for the following scene... Anyways, I was thinking Azazel gets attacked as well... and he makes it back to the alley carrying Dev, fairly covered in blood... He falls over, unconscious, and the twins and Cain take Dev to the hospital. Erebos is out getting food, so Lilith is stuck with unconscious kinda-dead Azazel. So she's stuck bandaging him up... and he wakes up and tells her about what happened... and... that's all I have for that part. But eventually, the other three come back, yhen Erebos returns and has these two dudes with him and tells Cain and Azazel that they want to talk with them about Lilim, which I think works better than the previous plan. Azazel's adoptive father will still be in the DPA (Department of Parahuman Affairs), and they'll meet when Azazel and Cain arrive at the offices. Azazel flips out, then is calmed down forcibly. Then they talk in another room. His father is trying to apologize and Azazel's temperament is basically "Fuck you". First he offers that Azazel can live with them, which also receives the same "fuck you" sort of response... then offers money, again, "fuck you" sort of response. I might have him ask about his mother Then he leaves. I think I'll have him make it a very explicit point that he does not give a fuck about his father. Like, his father says, "we're both good--" "No, I didn't ask about you. You can just go fuck yourself. I want to know if the woman you put through hell is alright." I think I will give Azazel's father a scar from when Azazel left in a rage.
I'm using the part where Lilith has to bandage up Azazel to make a scene where the two have to interact. This way, I can introduce Lilith a bit better and have a scene where Azazel isn't obsessed with her. His worries at the time are who Remiel is and if Devlin is going to live. I had an idea for better dialogue on the part where Dev finds out Azazel's a demon. Volos's powers are wearing off on him, so his horns start to show, so, she's like, "You're a para?" (Parahuman) And his first response is panic, so, she's like, "Dude, calm down. My best friend is a para." "Oh? Who's that?" "YOU, you retard." I was also considering that the first pages of Street Devil might be Azazel visiting Cain's grave, which bears his real name, Jacob.

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