Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a wicked gang are we below

I've had some new ideas for Street Devil.

Considering that at least two characters die in the final part of Street Devil, I decided that following the battle, there is a brief scene of the remaining cast attending a funeral service for their fallen friends.

I've been considering a scene where Adam burns down a church. I decided that the church is the monastery that Adam was raised in. Following this, Adam speaks with Lilith, asking whom her attacker was, years ago. Knowing he is going to kill her attacker, Lilith tells him.

I decided that Adam's group is now named Lilim and Azazel's group is now named Nephilim.

The name Lilim derives from Lilith, and is a species of demon in Jewish folklore. Nephilim is said to mean "those causing others to fall."

Eve's real name is Laura, in reference to Laura of "The Glass Menagerie".

I am thinking of making subtle hinting towards a relationship between Remiel and Adam.

Another thing I want to try is giving all the Lilim members a weapon based on mythological weapons. Such as Adam's Lance of Longinus.

If you do not recall, Veles' power is to merge with other beings. Volos was dying, and Veles merged with him. Later, Veles managed to separate Volos from him, but he wasn't the same. I was thinking that later Veles merges with Volos again, but makes Volos the dominant mind, essentially giving away his own life so that Volos can live like a normal person.

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