Friday, August 1, 2008

Loose Ideas

Random dialogue I cannot get out of my head that I don't think I have a use for yet (Lilim flashback? I dunno):
"How does it feel to know your mother didn't want you?" "It feels great. In fact, I wish you would say it again."

Particularly skilled demons can make themselves appear to be human. This is the furthest extent of their appearance-modification, unless they are, by nature, capable of more (such as Veles and Volos).

I think every member of Lilim will be capable of this. I can make use of it in some scenes.

One such situation would be when Adam visits his former home, the monastery. He returns, blonde and human, declaring his freedom from sin and forgiveness from god. As he has the laity fooled, he takes revenge. (Probably though use of telekinesis) Following this, he burns down the monastery. (Revenge is a dish best served with copious fire)

Various images I get for this scene:
Adam with blood splatter on him, looking up and saying "I wonder if there really is a god."
Fire bursting from the windows of the monastery, forming wing-like shapes behind Adam.

I will add more things as soon as I think of them, or remember them.

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