Sunday, August 10, 2008

A+S Scripts

91: The World Ends With You
Sei: "So... we wear these special pins to fight?"
Shiki: "Yep!"

Sei looks contemplative.

Sei is shown punching Players in the distance.

Sei (covered in pins): "K, let's go."
Shiki: "..."

92: Metal Gear Online
Boxes: "Teehee!"

Boxes chase each other around in circles.

Boxes chase each other around in circles.

Soldier: "?"

Soldier fires RPG missile at boxes.


93: Persona 3
Sei: "So, hey, can I like, date guys in this game?"
Celes: "No."

Sei: "Damn. Well, can I date Aigis?"
Celes: "No."

Celes: "Besides, she's a machine. Machines can't love."

Playstation 2: "-broken heart symbol-" (Blogger hates me)

94: Spore
Sei: "Heheheh..."
Adam: "?"

Adam: "Pffft."
Celes: "?"

Celes: "What are you guys laughing at?"

Adam: "-snicker- Sei made a creature covered in dongs."
Celes: "..."

95: Japanese
Sei is sitting on a bench.
Tourists: "Sir, could you tell us where Pen Island Stadium is...?"
Sei: "?"

Sei: "好き 六十九。"
Tourists: "Oh, sorry!"

Sei: "I hate tourists."
Adam: "What did you say to them?"

Sei: "I like 69."
Adam: "Pervert."

96: No More Heroes
Celes and Sana are sitting on the couch.

Sei (Travis costume): "STRAWBERRY ON THE SHORTCAKE!"

Celes and Sana: "..."

Sana: "What the fuck was that?"

97: Maxis
Sei: "I think I love Maxis. They give me so many hours of ruining virtual lives."

Sei: "In Spore, I can create a shark-butterfly or a blob with 16 legs and pincers that loves to dance..."

Sei: "In the Sims, I can create a loving family, then put them in tiny rooms with no escape and no means to live..."

Sei looks dreamily happy.
Adam: "...I'm beginning to worry about you."

98: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Celes: "Hey everybody, let's play Brawl~"

Everyone's sitting at the couch.
Celes: "Can I pick the stage?"
Adam: "Sure."

[shows everyone in a custom stage filled with nothing but spikes]

Everyone but Celes (leaving): "Fuck this"
Celes: ":B"

99: Portal
Sei shoots a portal at the backboard of a basketball hoop.

Sei shoots another portal on the floor.

Sei nudges a basketball into the portal.
Sei: "He shoots..."

Ball falls out of the other portal and into the hoop.

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carcrashes said...

...I totally read that first one as "covered in pigs".