Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comic Concept

I've been thinking a lot about a comic concept I came up with recently. The premise is this; the main character is a bounty hunter with incredible luck. He is brash, superstitious, fickle, and completely reckless. He goes after the highest bounties he can find to avoid large numbers of competition. He takes bounties from anyone, but has his own set of morals he likes to stick to. He tends to wear a lot of luck charms and the like. The universe is like some sort of future science fantasy. Lots of space, lots of robots, lots of gratuitous shonen-style badassery. I figure he'll encounter other bounty hunters and at one point lose his luck. He will probably have a few friends that he travels with, and maybe some sort of partner that is non-human and small.


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TWULF (Adam Law) said...

Sounds like an ace concept!