Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Street Devil Characters + More

( ) - More information
[ ] - Actuality; ex. 'Azazel shows no powers, but actually has superhuman strength.'

STREET DEVIL: Lilim Organization
#1 Adam Lee - Psychokinetic
#2 Seiki "Remiel" Kawayuki - Pyrokinetic (fire)
#3 Morgan "Nyx" Kendrick - Cryokinetic (ice)
#4 Laura "Eve" Adler - Medikinetic (healing)
#5 Nikolas "Vidar" Adler - Electrokinetic (electricity)
#6 Caleb "Fenris" Holt - Aerokinetic (wind)
Miscellaneous members; Six, etc.

STREET DEVIL: Nephilim Organization
Roark "Azazel" Dawson - ? [Superhuman strength]
Jacob "Cain" Hunter - Umbrakinetic (shadow)
Lynn "Lilith" Elliot - Barriers [Psychokinetic]
Nathaniel "Erebos" Scott - Superhuman agility
Tyler "Veles" Warren - Mimicry [Merging]
Daniel "Volos" Warren - Mimicry
Miscellaneous members; Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc.

STREET DEVIL: Department of Parahuman Affairs (DPA)
Jack Dawson - Human, no ability
Walker Hall - Human, no ablility

STREET DEVIL: Minor Characters
Devlin Owens - Human, no ability
Ezekiel - ?
Isaiah - Phonokinetic (sound)
Six - Superhuman reflexes

STREET DEVIL: Significant Relationships
[Nephilim refers to the main members of the Nephilim group, likewise for Lilim and the DPA. Brother/sister can mean not just genetic siblings, but a relationship like siblings.]
Azazel - Lilith (love), Cain (friend), Veles (dislike), Volos (friend), Adam (idol/hate), Fenris (dislike/hate), Jack (hate), Devlin (friend)
Cain - Lilith (love), Nephilim (friend), Nyx (dislike), Adam (doubt)
Lilith - Adam (love/idol), Nephilim (friend), Remiel (dislike) [Later - Azazel (crush)]
Erebos - Nyx (dislike/hate), Nephilim (friend), Adam (doubt), Eve (uncertainty) [Later - Nyx (friend/love?)?]
Veles - Volos (brother), Erebos (friend), Cain (friend), Lilith (friend), Azazel (dislike), Adam (dislike), Eve (grateful)
Volos - Eve (love), Veles (brother), Nephilim (friend), Lilim (friend), DPA (friend)
Adam - Remiel (love), Lilith (sister), Nephilim (doubt), Lilim (friend), DPA (hate)
Remiel - Adam (love), Lilith (respect), Nephilim (dislike), Lilim (friend), DPA (hate)
Nyx - Erebos (love), Fenris (dislike), Nephilim (dislike), Lilim (friend), DPA (hate)
Fenris - Nyx (love?), Azazel (dislike/hate), Nephilim (dislike), Lilim (friend), DPA (hate)
Vidar - Eve (sister), Nephilim (friend), Lilim (friend), DPA (dislike/doubt)
Eve - Volos (love), Vidar (brother), Nephilim (doubt), Lilim (friend), DPA (dislike)
Devlin - Azazel (friend), Lilim (dislike), DPA (doubt)
Ezekiel - Isaiah (love)
Isaiah - Ezekiel (love)

NEW IDEAS: Street Devil
Veles - Killed, later revived?
Eve - Sacrifices self to save Veles?
Nyx - Defects to Nephilim?
Fenris - Defects with Nyx?
Vidar - Assists Nephilim?
Walker Hall - DPA member who assists Nephilim

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