Sunday, May 24, 2009

OC Quiz Azazel

1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Title the journal as "OCs Quiz (your OCs name)".
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!!!

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
My name is Roark Dawson. I'm called Azazel, though.

2. Interesting... what's your current age?
I'm 14.

3. Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
Hot peppers, any kind. The hotter they are, the better. People get freaked out whenever I eat them whole. It's kind of funny. Maybe I have some sort of resistance to them.

4. And your favorite drink?
Lemonade probably. I like to put too much lemon in it. Then nobody else wants it because it's so sour.

5. Your crush/lover?

6. Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
I wouldn't. She probably wouldn't like that...

7. Classic question! What's your favorite colour?
Red, or black.

8. Who's your favorite author?
Uh, well, I don't really read. I don't think I'd have a favorite author, even if I did. We just get what's there.

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
The wrong thing happening to the wrong person.

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Any siblings?

11. Only ten questions left. Who's your hero?
Nobody's my hero anymore.

12. Ok, who is your worst enemy?
Probably my father.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Well, then he'd be alone, yeah?

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Are you seriously asking me if I believe in god?

15. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
I didn't know I had a choice.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Isn't this the same as asking what my fear is?

17. What's your lifelong dream?
These are some awkward questions.

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
It wouldn't.

19. Ok, where's your favorite place to relax?
The old park.

20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Nothing interesting.

Azazel, ever the pessimist.

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xXPhuckin_WickedXx said...

hahahaha. I'm totally doing this.