Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bluff: 2nd Deal

“So, what are you, anyways?” Maddox asked, bluntly.

“Kismetics are similar to your race. However, we have much more complex brains, among other bodily structures. We are not a very well known race, as most of us do not leave Kismet. It is actually forbidden, in some areas.” Raza told him. They were similar, at least in appearance. Raza’s skin was dark, a bronze sort of color, and her build was much like a teenage woman’s. However, some of her features were a little more eccentric. She had purple hair, rich like wine, coiled into dreadlocks, and a scar-like mark over her left eye. She was dressed in black, white, and red, looking as if she might make a fitting Mrs. Claus.

“So… like… are you female?” he asked uncertainly. He always found it difficult to ask aliens these things.

“By your species’ definition, basically.” she responded. “Do not worry, we are very similar to your species. Now! What are we doing?”

“Uh. Well. I am going to go scout my next bounty.” Maddox said, awkwardly.


“I guess?” he answered. Raza’s enthusiasm threw him off.

“So what do we do?” she asked him, excitedly.

“Well, I am going to a dinner party. You are going to wait in the hangar.” Maddox replied, starting to become irked by his tagalong.

“Ah! Well. That sounds fun.” she chimed.

“You really like hangars that much?” he muttered to himself.

“What does this do?” she said, pointing at one of the screens.

“I thought you were super duper intelligent or something.”

“I only read your culture and background.”

“Fine; that’s the climate control.”

“Neat! What about this?”

“Can you just stop asking me things? I am trying to operate the ship, and you’re really distracting me.” Maddox spat out, becoming more aggravated.

“Okay!” she complied. She sat quietly, looking around the cockpit with interest. Her eyes moved from panel to panel, examining buttons and touch screens. She eventually began to search the cabinets.

“God, what are you doing now?”

“I’m looking for a manual!”

“What?! Why?”

“I want to learn how this ship works.”

“Get your own ship. Learn how that one works.” he growled. Raza promptly stopped, still in her cheerful mood. Eventually she got up and examined the magpies in their cage. Maddox had a feeling this was going to be a very long trip.

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