Sunday, September 28, 2008

Street Devil Prep 1

Chapter 0: Everything Goes Numb
Cover - blank

The scene is a graveyard. Beginning with the sky. A boy is talking alone, in front of a grave.
"Long time no see, huh?"
"I want to apologize... but..."
"...I know you'd just get mad."

"You must feel like a king."
"The whole funeral service, the coffin, the headstone..."
"'s worth more than anything we ever owned."

"Nothing was ever worth more than you. Or any of us."
"I wish I never took things for granted. I wish I was more like you."
"You'd never admit that you were admirable."
"I guess that's how we all think."

"We were all taught to hate ourselves."
"Especially you."
"But I think..."
" were the strongest of us all."

Chapter 1: Everything Went Numb
Cover - Azazel

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