Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Luck Comic Ideas

Titles: Bluff, Royal Flush, 777

Genre: Comedy, Action

Setting: Future, space travel is common

Main character: Wears good luck charms, 'Faust'?, incredibly eccentric and reckless, not particularly skilled in anything and highly dependent of his luck, Earth-descendant, goes through exaggerated emotions, smarter than he acts

Luck: Often fluctuates. Usually has good strings followed by momentary dips. Utterly vanishes at one point?

Additional characters:
Some sort of sidekick? - Six magpies?
A female main character - Frequently baffled by main's characteristics, encountered him through force?
Additional bounty hunters - Variant in personalities, highly competitive
Bounty hunter that joins later? - Joins out of intrigue and advantage, later befriends main

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