Monday, January 2, 2012

Sailor Eris Bio

About the Girl

Name: Aylin
Name Meaning: "Moon Halo"
Nickname: Eris
Age: Uncertain
Birthday: Uncertain

Eyes: Dark brown, tired-looking
Hair: Short, feathery red hair
Skin: Light
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: Thin, some muscles built
Blood Type: A

Likes: Music, books, any sort of activity she can find to occupy time
Dislikes: Large groups of people, herself, silence
Strongest Subject: Botany, music
Weakest Subject: Language
Strong Points: Very dedicated to her goals, calm, loyal
Has Trouble With: Failure, letting things go, believing in herself
Dream: To protect the solar system

Personality: Eris is very calm and quiet, but stubborn. She dedicates herself to her goals, and anything else she can occupy her time with. She takes up a lot of hobbies to keep busy. When she isn't making herself busy, she tends to dwell on the past and her mistakes. She always wants to improve, and tries to constantly focus on that goal. She takes things to heart, and doesn't want to disappoint people.

Personal History: Born in the ancient Silver Milennium, Eris lived as a child in the city. As she grew older, life became difficult as it became apparent that she was cursed to bring misfortune wherever she went. People steadily grew outraged with her, and wanted to kill or remove her from the Moon. The Queen was ultimately given the task to exile the girl. The Princess, feeling sympathy for the girl, offered to make her an honorary guardian senshi, watching over the solar system from the far-away planet Eris. She gladly took the offer and began her new life in Castle Dysnomia.

About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Eris
Realm of Influence: No senshi powers. Cursed to bring chaos to others.
Transformation Sequence: No transformation.
Symbol: Colliding arrows, symbol of Eris
Colors: Red, black
Outfit: Typical Sol Senshi outfit with some modifications.
-Black collar with three stripes.
-Plain black choker.
-Dark red front bow, black round gem.
-White bodice with no sleeves.
-Elbow-length gloves with three black bands.
-Red skirt with a black petticoat.
-Thigh-high black stockings.
-Black back bow.
-Knee-high white boots with an inverted-V top and a black band around the ankle.
Weapons: Basic sword in an old style
Fighting Style: Hand-to-hand, sword

Sailor History: As a Sailor Senshi, Eris was the guardian of the furthest planet, planet Eris. Her role was to serve as the 'watchtower' for the solar system, observing and reporting any necessary information to Sailor Pluto, with her existence kept a secret. Many years later, Eris returned to the Moon Kingdom, to find it in ruins. She blamed the destruction on herself, and kept the Princess' hairclips as a reminder to herself. She found a message left by the Queen, telling her to wait for an age when the Princess and guardians would be reborn, and returned to Dysnomia, where she slept for thousands of years. She was awoken by the ginzuishou's resonating power after StarS.
Mission: To serve as a watch-guard to the solar system.


Sakky said...

Instead of "Uncertain" maybe "Unknown"? Uncertain makes it sound like you haven't thought of it yet or something and I think the point is that it's unknown, right?

"Skin: Light" This is personal preference but maybe "Fair" would make more sense in terms of skin description.

Wouldn't hurt to include the conversions on the height (167cm) and weight (63kg). I like to in case the person reading the profile uses metric.

Under "Build" I think the word "build" would work better than "built" at the end.

For a dislike of Language: it's been a while since I've been in school. Is that a generic name for something like English class/whatever language you speak? Or is it like foreign languages? Foreign languages I could understand her not being keen on, but as a book lover I would think she'd be okay with your ordinary English/grammar type class.

Does she actually have no transformation? Is she always in senshi form? Even if her transformation is just instant then she has one, right? But I guess if she's always a senshi then she doesn't have to transform ;)

Her history is interesting. Is there more to the reason for her curse? That's what I'd be most interested in knowing more about.

Celes said...

A few things I need to tweak here and there, yeah! In regards to language, I guess it's more that I think she'd only know whatever language they spoke in the moon kingdom, so she might have trouble talking to someone who didn't speak that language.

She has no transformation because she actually puts on the senshi costume herself.

I'm currently a bit uncertain about the origin of her curse, and if it's even a curse or just her 'powers'. Definitely something I need to establish.