Sunday, December 13, 2009

One More Time

It's that time again! Idea round-up. I should try to put my tags in here for once. SO, time for me to assault my brain to figure out any possible unmentioned ideas or thoughts. I may repeat something, not sure.

-Sonira will be a recurring character who shows up at unusually convenient times. Or just rather spontaneously. She is also a bounty hunter, and a former classmate of Maddox. Her partner is a modified (and most definitely renamed) Gem Avery. Her ship crew is the old cast of Blue Star.
-When Maddox's luck cuts short, he and his ship are captured (probably by one of his bounties). Thanks to Sonira's appearance, he's rescued. We meet Sonira's crew.
-Maddox's ship cannot be activated by anyone but him, as it is programmed that way. It is impossible to change.
-Maddox may kick Raza out somewhere eventually. Because he just kinda flips out, since he's like that. Granted, afterwards, he may be completely pwned and regret this desicion. Perhaps this is when he gets captured.
-POSSIBLE IDEA: Raza has actually read into Maddox's personal memories. She is possibly trying to be friends with him in an attempt to cheer him up.

-Kona works in a library. Noah might visit a few times out of interest.
-Noah works in a music shop.
-The son of one of Kona's father's coworkers (or perhaps a business associate) asks Kona out. Trying not to upset her father, she agrees. The two go out for a short while until Kona gives in and tells him she can't be with him, since she's actually a lesbian. He responds with relief, saying he's actually gay too; he just asked her out for the same reason she agreed- his father. The two become friends, instead.


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