Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kona's Prologue

I need a title for this story...

My name is Kona Allen. I’m 16-years-old. Today, I’m moving into my new home. For most of my life, I’ve lived in Honolulu, Oahu, with my parents and sisters. But now, we’re moving to Rockview, a town on the outskirts of Boston in Massachusetts. I know we’ve moved a long way, but… it seems so different, already.
“Kona, we’ll be there in a minute,” my mother said.
My sisters didn’t have to move here with us, but they said they wanted to keep working with mother. Speaking of that, my mother- she works in fashion. She has her own company. That’s why we’re moving; she found a better location in Boston. She kept worrying if I’d be bothered. I don’t mind a change of scenery. I was never really involved that deeply with anything back home anyways.
Although you probably can’t tell, I’m an aspiring writer. I like to tell stories, first and foremost. While I’ve gone through a lot of ideas, I still don’t feel like I have anything in particular I really like. I’ve done writing for a lot of different genres, and none of them have really grabbed me yet. I still have time to improve, though.
“How’s Shakespeare?” my mother asked.
“Oh, he’s fine. Seems bored,” I said, looking into Shakespeare’s crate.
“Same as usual!” she responded, laughing.
Shakespeare is my cat, a black American Shorthair. He’s pretty laid back. Yes, I named him Shakespeare. Yes, I’m that lame. I got him when I was ten.
“Hey, here we are. Grab your stuff.”

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