Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jack dropped 21, Jill 22

Some ideas that I've been having for comics.

Street Devil
-Lilith finds Azazel, who is starving, dehydrated, and injured, when she's out on the streets with Adam. They bring him to the parahuman shelter and this is how he is introduced to the group. Azazel cannot remember anything about himself or his life, but shows no signs of head trauma. Azazel is exhibiting a severe case of repressed memory, which is why he later remembers his father when he sees him.
-Lilith may have eidetic memory. It's just a random quirk, perhaps related to her powers.
-Erebos might be half-demon, and if so, I'm giving him glasses (sometimes). I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before.
-I'm also not sure if I mentioned the parahuman shelter. If not, that's where the main cast will actually be living in. They just kinda hang out in an alley instead of living there. It makes more sense. I think. They'll also have some walkie-talkies. There are some pretty inexpensive ones with a really wide range nowadays.

-Art: Maddox with blackjack (Ace and Jack of Spades) standing up and leaning on the table. Possible elements: soft shading, fisheye effect, slightly above view. Holographic casino panels, Raza being all childishly excited because she's silly.
-Now, here is something I haven't actually been terribly sure of myself. What is up with Raza's hair? The way I draw it is like exaggerated, round dreadlocks looking rather a lot like... tentacles or something. But I've been thinking, dreadlocks aren't terribly pretty. So I've been thinking maybe something like they're just curls or braids or something. If I were thinking of being really odd they'd be tentacles, but I want her to seem human.

Noah's story
I'm not actually sure what I've covered in regards to this, so I'm going to go over as much as I have actually thought of altogether... which isn't quite that much yet.
K (Kona) moves to Rockview. Despite her parents being fairly wealthy, they live in a regular home. K's mother is Hawaiian and works in fashion, aiming to take fashion in a more eco-friendly direction. Her father manages the company. I'm thinking K may have at least one or two sisters, no brothers. K's neighbor is Tabbi and her brother Tadhg (who is actually her cousin in Anarchy 2090). Tabbi takes it upon herself to become friends with K, showing her around the city/town/whatever it is. K possibly encounters Noah by watching her skateboard or play guitar (probably on a day when K is out by herself at a cafe or something). K, Tabbi, and Tadhg walk to school together in the mornings, since they live close to the school. K finds out that Noah is in some of her classes, and is actually a girl.
From this point on, some out of order thoughts.
-Noah is fairly low on money. Her brother works, perhaps as a computer technician or something of the sort, and is their main source of income. She works hard in school (though I may not have her be particularly good at actually learning, despite how hard she works), on skateboarding, and on music, playing occasionally in local bands. Noah is friends with Roark (Azazel), they're neighbors and they both skateboard. She may or may not have a dog. But Azazel has one, so she'd probably be rather friendly with his dog. Her brother (possibly named Zack) is a nerd.
-K might be under the impression that Noah likes Azazel or some sort of thing besides just friendship is going on. Later on, Azazel will, essentially, lol at her for this.
-K is a writer. Particularly in the fiction and poetry line. She has a cat named Shakespeare.
-Social conflict: Several times I've gone over the thought of Noah being mocked in high school. Thinking logically, this is an inevitability of high school, especially in Noah's case. However, my issue is that I don't want it to seem like I'm making Noah look better because of the pity factor, or making it seem like these girls can be nothing more than just bitches. Plus there's the issue of getting my personal beliefs involved in the matter. The point is, I don't want it to seem biased and Mary Sue-ish, and I am also having difficulty in thinking of a way to do this while maintaining some level of believability and realism.

And that's about all I can pull out of my brain right now. More later, maybe.

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