Friday, January 2, 2009

SD Ending Retool

Reworking SD's ending to accommodate changes.

Mains fight Adam's group. Cain breaks ahead to fight Adam. Adam mortally wounds Cain. Azazel and Lilith enter. Azazel flips out, Lilith carries off Cain. Azazel angrily fights Adam, but loses. Lilith has returned, and she kills Adam. They find out Adam intended for Azazel and the others to kill them so that they wouldn't be killed by humans.

Probable ideas for rework:
Mains fight Adam's group. Cain breaks ahead to Adam. Cain is severely exhausted, and his heart is failing. Azazel and Lilith enter. Cain dies from a heart attack. Azazel doesn't lose control of his emotions, but you can tell he's trying to be calm. His powers activate, and he fights Adam. Azazel's group does not kill Adam's group.

Ideas I am not sure of:
The group possibly arrives with other demons who wait outside. (Very unlikely)
Adam protests Azazel's choice not to kill them. Azazel tells him he's a coward, who is afraid of living up to the consequences of his crimes and thinks death is an escape.

But what happens right afterward?

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